VirnetX Sues Apple Over Patents

VirnetX has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple, accusing it of using its patents in its iPhone and iPad devices.

The lawsuit filed against Apple involves two VirnetX patents, one of which was involved in a previous lawsuit against Microsoft.

VirnetX had filed a similar patent infringement lawsuit against software giant Microsoft, which resulted in Microsoft paying $200 million in damages and licensing VirnetX patents as a part of an out of court settlement.

The patent is related to: “Agile network protocol for secure communications with assured system availability.”

The company has named Apple's iPhone models, including the new iPhone 4 and iPad, as infringing products.

VirnetX has also sued Cisco, NEC and phone maker Aastra for illegally using its patented technology.

The company has accused Aastra of infringing one of its patents, NEC two patents and Ciscon four patents.

VirnetX has filed the lawsuits in the same US court it used for its case against Microsoft, and the Dallas-based law firm McKool Smith will be representing the company in court once again.