Dell Streak Gets "Unofficial" Android 2.1

Android 2.1 is now available for Dell Streak, the diminutive tablet smartphone, although you will have to download the leaked official firmware from an unofficial source.

Modaco lists the Streak update as being build 6941, the latest one; while the original link is down due to the amount of traffic it pulled, there's a mirror on Mediafire, one which should be able to sustain the load. There's also a step-by-step list of instructions as to how to install Android 2.1 on an O2-locked Dell Streak.

The phone will be available in the US fairly soon which means that it does make sense for Dell to introduce the new iteration of Android as soon as possible although we wonder why they did not choose Android Froyo instead.

Some UK users have already reported that the update is being rolled out in the country, ahead of the initially planned one in September. O2 or Dell have yet to confirm whether this will happen.