HTC To Launch Desire HD On 15th Of September?

HTC has issued an invitation to a number of UK journalists asking them to come and see what HTC has dreamt up before adding that more details will follow.

If ever there was a clue in the invitation it could be the smokes in the pictures although there's no HTC Flame smartphone coming up yet and the HTC Dream has already been announced.

Our bet is on the HTC Desire HD and potentially a few other smartphones, like the HTC Mozart or the Glacier, whose details have been leaked previously.

However, don't expect any tablet computers or smartbooks from HTC yet although it might be the event where HTC will demo its first Windows Phone 7 devices.

Mid September is going to be a busy period with Dell announcing a major product launch, the start of Nokia World and roughly when Apple will be expected to launch its overhauled iPod family.

Would you like to get an HTC Desire HD? What features do you expect the handset to get?