i3 Group Slams Wessex Water Over Scrapped Broadband Sewer deal

The i3 Group, the outfit behind the Fibrecity Bournemouth project, has slammed the Wessex Water utility service for scrapping plans for installing a fibre-based wire network through Bournemouth sewers.

The group said that the plans could have brought superfast broadband internet to the Wessex town.

Wessex Water had cited contractual and methodological problems as the reasons for cancelling the plans for installing the wires in its pipeline.

The i3 Group has called the claims baseless and has accused the utility of commercial greed and spreading false statements about i3 technology.

In a statement to PC Pro, Elfed Thomas, CEO of i3 Group, said: “It is our opinion that Wessex Water has been short sighted in putting commercial demands above the opportunity to provide a low-cost fibre optic network that will deliver superfast broadband to their own customers.”

The i3 Group has also said that other utility services providers had faced absolutely no problems when they started laying fibre-based wires on their networks.