ITV Likely To Fight Apple Over TV Device

Apple is likely to face some serious legal wrangles with UK broadcaster ITV as rumours of a prospect of a change of name for the company's set top box from Apple TV to iTV emerged.

Speaking to Pocket-lint's Stuart Miles, Mike Large, the director of Communications for ITV group, said that the broadcaster had a strong brand and a highly valued IP before adding that it has vigorously defended its intellectual property in the past and would not hesitate to do so.

Large's comments come as an ITV insider said that recent problems with the iPhone 4 show that the company is not immune to product issues (ed : however, Apple, unlike ITV, can be considered as a very, very successful company).

Should Apple decide to take ITV heads on, it is likely to keep the Apple TV branding in the UK and launch the product as iTV in other territories, something that many mobile phone manufacturers have been doing for years.

Apple could try to convince ITV to license its name to Apple but Large has already said that this would only serve to "muddy the waters".

There's also the little discussed option - that fortunately appeared on Pocket-lint - of launching the device as iTelevision and then counting on the users themselves to shorten the name to iTV.

Last but not least, Apple may just decide to leave the name as Apple TV; no cost involved in rebranding the device and certainly no more additional headache.