Taleo Adds Former Sun CEO TO Board

Human resource software maker Taleo has announced the inclusion of former Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz to its Board of Directors.

The company said that Schwartz had joined the company's board following his stint as the chairman and CEO of Sun Microsystems. He had left the company after Oracle bought Sun in a $7.6 billion acquisition in January.

Previously Schwartz had worked as the CEO of Lighthouse Design and joined Sun after the company acquired it in 1996. Many hold Schwartz responsible for Sun's persistent decline, leading to the Oracle takeover.

Taleo, which offers services related to recruiting and retaining candidates to HR corporates, added that former Business Objects chief financial officer Jim Tolonen had also joined the company's board.

He will be in charge of the audit committee while Schwartz will manage the compensation committee.

The new directors will receive a payment of $25,000 in cash every year in addition to the salary they will earn by working in their respective divisions.