iPad users keep their toy at home

British iPad owners keep the gadget at home and wouldn't be seen dead on the tube with one, a survey suggests.

The survey of 1034 UK iPad owners, conducted by Cooper Murphy Webb, found that 27 per cent of those asked said they "never" venture outside with their shiny gadget and a further 35 said they "rarely" do.

Some 43 per cent of the respondents said they use their iPads for more than 10 hours per week, with 15 per cent noodling about on the flat computer for more than 20 hours a week.

Almost a quarter (24 per cent) described the device as their "primary entertainment device" with a puzzling 37 per cent saying they preferred their iPad to any other device for gaming. Games consoles were relegated to second choice, at 35 per cent.

Bizarrely, most iPad users still prefer using a a proper computer for Internet browsing. Some 55 per cent of iPad owners said they use a laptop or desktop PC for surfing the web. They weren't asked whether these machines were Apple Macs or real PCs. Only 38 per cent said they preferred to surf on their iPad.

Of those asked, 31 per cent said they preferred reading electronic versions of magazines and newspapers on their iPad. Some 26 consume such reading matter on their laptop or desktop computers while only 24 per cent said they preferred the traditional printed versions.

When it came to reading books, 41 said they would prefer reading 'books' on their iPad. Some 12 per cent were daft enough to use a laptop or desktop while 36 per cent clung to printed matter. An even dafter four per cent said they read books on their mobile phones and only seven per cent said they use an E-reader.

The survey, conducted by phone between July 28 2010 to August 10 2010, certainly seems to show that the novelty of the pad is yet to wear off.