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Apple Hires NFC Expert As Product Manager Of Mobile Commerce

Apple has hired a new mobile commerce expert to help bring Near Field Communication (NFC) to iOS powered devices.

The company has appointed Benjamin Vigier as the product manager of mobile commerce, indicating at the inclusion of NFC capabilities on its software ecosystem.

NFC technology allows users to their iPhone devices for making payments and e-ticketing.

Apple has not yet made any announcement related to NFC technology on its iOS devices, but according to leaked Apple patent application, the company is planning to add an NFC service to its iPhones.

The technology is set to allow users to purchase tickets to concerts and sporting events and also use their devices as tickets.

Other Apple patents revealed over the past few months indicate at airline ticketing and boarding pass services for iPhone owners.

According to Near Field Communications World, Vigier has worked on PayPal Mobile, Sprint MyMoneyManager and the iPhone-based Starbucks Card.

He was also the head of SanDisk's mobile commerce and NFC division and has done NFC for French telecom firm Bouygues Telecom.