Apple Should Pay Dividends To Shareholders Says Analyst

Apple is facing pressure to return some of its $46 billion cash to investors by way of special dividend payments.

Wall Street analysts and market experts have joined together to ask Apple to start to pay back some of the cash it has hoarded to its shareholders in dividend payments.

In an open letter addressed to Steve Jobs, Wall Street analyst Toni Sacconaghi has said that its about time that Apple started a special dividend scheme for its shareholders.

Commending Apple for doing a good job in creating value for its shareholders, he wrote in the open letter that “one common and growing source of investor frustration has been the company's unwillingness to return any part of its burgeoning $46bn cash balance.”

The analyst has suggested that Apple should buy back $30 billion worth of shares and should fix the annual shareholders dividend to 4 per cent.

According to The Telegraph, Apple has enough cash to acquire BT, British Airways and BSkyB and would still have some cash left over.