Facebook Acquires Chai Labs

Facebook has acquired web publishing start-up Chai Labs.

Chai Labs offers publishers tools to launch vertical-specific search friendly websites and was started by former Google employee Goku Rajaram, had raised a total of $2.4 million in funding.

The company describes itself as a “technology platform enables publishers to easily customise and launch scalable, search-friendly sites in several verticals. We seamlessly complement our partners’ editorial teams, and some of our most compelling implementations have occurred when editors and journalists have worked side-by-side with our platform.”

According to All Things Digital, the acquisition details have not yet been disclosed, but it is speculated to be around $10 million.

It is not clear why Facebook chose to acquire the company, hinting that it was a pure talent acquisition.

Chai Labs also offers technology will lets publishers create websites which allow “structured content extraction” and semantic search. Speculation also suggests that this could be one of the reasons why Facebook chose to acquire the company.