Five Million Sites Likely Hacked By Malicious Widget

Internet security firm Armorize has warned of a massive malware attack on the Web.

Armorize has said that there are as much as five million 'parked' websites attempting to download malware on users' systems.

Parked websites are websites which have not been updated since their registration.

According to the company, the websites are spreading a variant of the Kobeface malware through an embeddable web widget survey called 'Small Business Success Index' which was hijacked by hackers.

The company said that the web widget was available for download from 5 million parked websites hosted on domain hosting services provider Network Solutions.

Wayne Huang, security researcher with the company, wrote: “It's concerning that this series of compromises happened starting Jan of this year, and today we are still seeing more than 500,000 Network Solutions domains actively serving malware as we write.”

Back in May, Armorize had reported that was also hosting the same malware infected web widget and downloading it on users' computers as soon as they visited the website.