Google To Acquire For $100 Million

Google may be days away from acquiring, a visual search engine that allows users to tag and search for pictures based on similarity.

According to Techcrunch, Google is in the "final stages" of acquiring the company for around $100 million, nearly five years after it first looked at it when it was called Riya. has raised around $50 million in venture capital and is already a successful venture on its own, generating around $50 million per year through its own search services.

Google does have a similar technology that is used in its Google image search service, one which allows, for example to search for items with similar colour characteristics.

It is very likely that might have a set of smart technologies or even patents that Google wants to integrate to its platform. may end up being scotched on Google's core search platform and rolled out even in its mobile search ecosystem by enhancing Google Goggles for example.

What might be the reasons behind Google's decision to go for