HTC announce new handset on September 15th

The High Tech Computer Corporation has sent out a press invite to the media, for an event taking place in London unveiling a new handset with rumours it is the HTC Ace.

The invite which contains the words "Come see what HTC has dreamt up" and not much else is reportedly surrounding the 4.3-inch handset, codenamed HTC Ace or what the media are dubbing as the HTC Desire HD.

No further details have been passed along as to what exactly is being announced, with the event coinciding with Nokia's annual symposium also in London.

Another idea floating about is the press launch could very well be the HTC Shubert handset, in which we also reported upon last week and runs the upcoming Windows Phone 7 OS.

Speculations are still rife surrounding the hardware of both mobiles, with the 1Ghz Qualcomm chipset and the camera hitting the 8 megapixel mark - the highest MP count the company has ever used.

The name HTD Desire HD is the one temporarily used when reporting rumours of the device, where the invite could give clues as to the actual name of the handset. The phone might be named the HTC Dream HD - a name previously used, for the very first Android handset of theirs.

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