iPad Becomes Favourite Way Of Reading Books

A survey carried out by copywriting agency, Cooper Murphy Webb, found out that the Apple iPad has become the most popular platform to read magazines and newspapers.

Nearly a third of the 1034 iPad owners questioned said that they prefer to use the iPhone compared to 26 per cent for laptops and computers and less than a quarter for printed paper.

Given the choice between two media, 41 per cent would opt for the iPad rather than any other one, compared to 36 per cent for print.

Surprisingly, the iPad is turning out to be an indoor device with a mere five per cent saying that the iPad was always used away from home compared to 35 per cent who said that they rarely took the device outside the house.

Laptops and computers still hold their ground when it comes to the primary entertainment device with a third of respondent preferring them compared to a quarter for the iPad, 22 per cent for mobile phones, while a mere 19 per cent of iPad owners chosing TV as their PEDs.

Another interesting fact is that 43 per cent of users consumed data on their iPad for more than 10 hours per week with 15 per cent, that's nearly one in every seven of them, spending more than 20 hours a week on it. That's nearly one day per week.

What are your thoughts about the iPad taking over other platforms when it comes to media consumption?