Microsoft IE 9 Beta Set For 15 September Release

Microsoft has announced 15 September as the launch date for the public beta version Internet Explorer 9.

The company is expected to launch the newest IE iteration at a special media event in San Francisco.

The web browser, which has undergone several test releases, will be compatible with only Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Microsoft has also announced that its Internet Explorer web browser is 15 years old today.

Microsoft had first launched the Internet Explorer 1 web browser on 16 August 1995 after customising the Spyglass Mosaic which it had licensed from Spyglass.

By July 2010, Internet Explorer accounted for 60.74 per cent of the total web browser market, followed by Firefox at 22.91 per cent and Google Chrome with 7.16 per cent.

The huge market share held by IE is partly due to its availability as the default web browser for Windows-based computers.

Even though the browser has lost a significant amount of user share to emerging web browsers, especially Google Chrome, Microsoft hopes that the IE9 web browser will strengthen its dominance in the web browser market.