News@10: Playboy Censors iPad App, PayPal Coming To Android & Unofficial Android 2.1 For Dell's Streak

Android 2.1 is now available for Dell Streak, the diminutive tablet smartphone, although you will have to download the leaked official firmware from an unofficial source. There's also a step-by-step list of instructions as to how to install Android 2.1 on an O2-locked Dell Streak.

Playboy has decided to censor nudity on its official application for the Apple's iPad. In an effort to avoid being censored, Playboy has voluntarily decided to conceal nude images in a bid to get a spot in the Apple iPad App Store.

UK school boy Christian Owens has made his first million at the age of 16 selling advertisements on the Web - and he won't stop until is business makes $100 million. Inspired by Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Owens first started the website Mac Box Bundle when he was just 14 years old.

An Apple sales manager has been accused of taking kickbacks from Asian hardware suppliers. Paul Devine is alleged to have received the kickbacks in exchange for providing confidential internal information to the Asian suppliers, allowing them to secure contracts with Apple.

PayPal is said to be currently in business talks with Google to allow Android smartphone owners to purchase applications from the Android Market using the online payment service.