O2 unveils Apple’s iPhone 4 on pay as you go

The original UK reseller of the Apple handsets has made available the latest iPhone 4 on prepay, at the starting price of £495 with O2.

The 16GB version of the new Apple mobile is just £5 shy of £500, where the 32GB iPhone 4 model comes in a £595. Apple's own online retail store has the 16GB iPhone 4 at £499, with the 32GB version selling for £599 - where there's not a great deal of difference between the costs.

O2's tariff backing up the Apple phone has 300 text message and 500MB data allowance a month, if the phone is topped up with £10-£14. To obtain 500 text messages, the top up fee is £15-£29 and the unlimited message deal is priced at £30 a month.

This deal isn't as attractive as Vodafone's offer last week, where the purchase price of the phone includes a data allowance of 250GB a month, along with 1GB of free BT Openzone WIFI access.

O2 reportedly lost the exclusivity to selling Apple iPhone handsets in the UK when they opted to be the sole network provider to the Palm Pre mobiles, where the popularity of that series of phones has yet to make the impact O2 had once perhaps hoped.

Originally published at OneMobileRing.com