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Oracle Axes OpenSolaris

Oracle has decided to put a stop on the development of OpenSolaris project in order to push customers towards the commercial Solaris 11.

In an internal memo to its employees, the company specified that it no longer offered the open source Solaris development code to developers, but will instead release an open source only after a commercial version has been revealed.

The memo, which was leaked by an employee, indicates that by axing the open source version the company will be able to commercially build on the popularity of the enterprise platform.

The company explains: “The growth opportunity for Solaris has never been greater. As one example, Solaris is used by about 40% of Oracle’s enterprise customers, which means we have a 60% growth opportunity in our top customers alone.”

The memo, which was written by senior Oracle executives Mike Shapiro, Bill Nesheim and Chris Armes, also said that the company will continue to hold true to its commitments to the open source community.