RIM Blackberry 9670 Clamshell Smartphone Appears Online

There may well be a clamshell RIM Blackberry mobile phone that will come to the market soon, known by the four-digit number 9670.

Blackberry Leaks published a photo of the device after it showed up on a device simulator (version and interested parties can always download the files via links provided by BBLeaks.

From time to time, rumours of a RIM Blackerry clamshell handset surface with the Kickstart being the one we remember when it first appeared on our radar back in May 2008, more than two years ago.

Back then the device had a trackball, a camera, an external LCD, a Suretype keyboard, Blackberry OS 4.6 and a 2.5-inch LCD monitor.

The new 9670 however appears to be squarer with a square rather than rectangular LCD. It keeps the full QWERTY keyboard that is found on Blackberry handsets and will apparently come with Blackberry 6 OS, 4GB onboard storage, 512MB RAM and a 5-megapixel camera.

Would you still consider getting a clamshell phone in 2010? What's the phone form factor that you are using right now?