Survey: 29 Per Cent US Phone Owners Would Switch To Verizon iPhone

A new survey has suggested that around 29 per cent of US mobile phone owners will be shifting to the Verizon iPhone if it launches early next year.

According to a survey, conducted by market research firm Morpace, revealed by PC Mag, 52 per cent of existing Verizon customers said that they would be switching to the Verizon iPhone if it was launched.

The survey was based on the interviews of 1,000 US mobile phone customers.

The research showed that 20 per cent of T-Mobile users, 23 per cent of AT&T customers and 22 per cent of Sprint customers were "somewhat/very likely to purchase an iPhone with Verizon".

The survey found that 47 per cent of current AT&T iPhone customers would seriously consider shifting to the Verizon iPhone if it was launched in the near future.

Around 34 per cent are waiting for the Verizon iPhone to launch before they upgrade their existing iPhone devices.

The Morpace report added: “As successful as the Apple iPhone has been, many mobile consumers who have been attracted to an iPhone have not switched to the AT&T network simply based on the popularity of Apple's smart phone.”