Tiny ARM-backed Firm Aims To Beat Intel In Servers

A little known company, Smooth-stone, is looking to outclass semiconductor giant in the server market by introducing ARM-based microprocessors that can produce the kind of performance expected from the likes of Xeon processors while consuming only a fraction of the power.

Smooth-stone has managed to raise an impressive $48 million from investors and its list of backers includes the likes of ARM & Globalfoundries owners (and AMD partner) Advanced Technology Investment Company.

The company is a boon for ARM, whose vice president of corporate business development, Bruce Beckloff, told Venturebeat that "Smooth-Stone’s approach of bringing low power technology into the server domain made them a perfect fit for our investment model".

Indeed, Smooth-stone would allow ARM to raise a three-pronged attack on Intel, in the smartphone, laptop/desktop and server market, while exposing little capital. Other companies like Sea Micro have tried to adapt Intel's own Atom processor range to deliver low power servers.

However, they will face some serious challenges as they would still need to prove their power/performance credentials as well as ensure strict compatibility with existing technologies such as ECC, RAS etc.

What would you expect an ARM-based server to deliver in terms of features? (via Venturebeat)