Vodafone Releases Mobile Wireless Hotspot

UK mobile services provider Vodafone has released a portable wireless hotspot, set to allow users to wirelessly connect up to 5 mobile devices to the internet.

According to tech news site Electricpig, the Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi comes with the ability to simultaneously link to 5 mobile devices using the 3G or HSDPA networks wherever available.

Under normal circumstances, the mobile WiFi hotspot is said to be able to offer speeds up to 7.2 Mbps.

According to the Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi product page, with 5 devices connected, the hotspot can run non-stop for 4 hours on a single battery charge.

The device also comes with a small screen which shows the battery life and signal strength and also has a memory card slot.

Speaking to V3, a Vodafone spokesperson said in a statement: “Because it can run over battery or be plugged in, it gives more flexibility than a mobile dongle and, although we don't see this as replacing mobile dongles, the flexibility will make it an attractive offering for many customers.”