Yahoo Launches Online Barclays Premier League Highlights

Yahoo has launched its online Barclays English Premier League highlights service.

The company had previously signed a deal with the FA, allowing it to show five minute video highlights of every Premier League football over the next three years.

In a press release, the company said that the service is backed by video advertising partners Adidas, Heineken, BT and Sony Pictures.

Yahoo also said that the new Premier League highlights service will be complimented by a multi-million pound marketing campaign with the tag line: "Miss a game? We didn't".

According to Yahoo, users will be able to watch five minute video clips of matches played over the weekend on Monday morning after midnight.

Yahoo users will also have access to 'Best-of' packages that include 'Best Goals', 'Best Saves', 'Tactical Debate' and 'Team of the Week'.

Mark Rabe, Managing Director, Yahoo! UK, said in a statement: “Following on from the success of Yahoo!'s World Cup activity with David Beckham, our ambition for Barclays Premier League coverage is for Yahoo! to become your home for football online - whether you're a user or an advertiser.”