Adobe Claims Over 7,000 App Developers Using AIR For Android

Adobe has claimed that its yet unreleased AIR platform has been downloaded by 7,000 developers planning to create applications for the Android OS.

Previously Adobe had released AIR to allow developers to create web-based desktop applications, but now Adobe is looking to establish AIR as a prominent tool for mobile application development.

A test version of Adobe AIR was introduced to Google's Android platform during the Google I/O conference in May and Adobe has announced that currently over 7,000 registered developers are using the platform to develop mobile applications.

The announcement was made by Adobe AIR product manager Aaron Filner during the company's Android Summit.

Experts believe that developer interest in AIR will grow once the full version of the platform is launched.

Adobe has also partnered with smartphone makers Motorola and Research in Motion for the project and will look to bring AIR to other mobile phone platforms in the near future.