Android’s voice search gets updated

Google has released an update to the voice searching abilities of Android, where actions such text messaging, calling and navigating are now possible through the Voice Actions application and without entering any text.

Announced at a Google conference is the update to Voice Search, which is part and parcel of Android only now you are able to dictate text messages and control the mobile through voice commands.

With simple voice commands alone it's possible to send text dictated messages, search and listen to music, browse the web and even get directions and maps. All this is through the regular Voice Search button, although Android ‘Froyo' 2.2 is needed - which currently limits voice actions to only the HTC Desire and Google Nexus One handsets.

Google's Voice Search commands at present are as follows, send text to [contact] [message], listen to [artist/song/album], call [business], call [contact], send email to [contact] [message], go to [website], note to self [note], navigate to [location/business name], directions to [location/business name] and map of [location].

At the same event, Google also unveiled an extension to their desktop Chrome web browser that allows bookmarks to be shared between the browser and Google Android mobile phones.

The list of voice actions isn't particularly vast at this stage, but it's a good start and we expect there will be improvements along the way with different languages brought in other than English.

Click on the video below for a walkthrough of the new voice app, along with how to use it.

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