Apple Manager Pleads Not Guilty In Kickback Case

Former Apple supply manager Paul Devine has pleaded not guilty to charges of taking kickbacks from Asian hardware suppliers brought against him Apple and Federal authorities.

According to PC Pro, Devine is facing 23 counts of wired fraud, conspiracy, money laundering and accepting kickbacks.

He is said to have taken $1 million in kickback payments for providing Apple hardware suppliers with confidential company information required to secure the contracts.

Devine is currently waiting for the courts to grant him the permission to post bail, but prosecutors have argued that, if granted bail, Devine might escape in order to avoid penalties and a possible jail term.

Apple has also named two Asian manufacturers accused of paying kickbacks to Devine, Pegatron and Jin Li Manufacturing.

Taiwan-based Pegatron has said that it has launched an internal investigation into the matter while Jin Li Mold Manufacturing has also confirmed the allegations and has said that it investigating a former employee named in the scandal.