Apple's iAd Platform Slow To Take Off

Apple's mobile advertisement platform iAd has failed to take-off as well as analysts expected, thanks, in part, to the tight control exercised by Apple over the creative process.

Citing advertising executives in-charge of creating adverts for the platform, The Wall Street Journal reported that advertisers are not able to release adverts owing to delays caused by the lengthy process Apple has created for the publication of adverts on the platform.

The Wall Street Journal reports that it takes roughly 8 to 10 weeks to create an advert on the platform, which is significantly longer than the time taken to create adverts for other platforms.

This is as Apple is creating the adverts itself, something which advertisers are not used to. The ad executives also said that Apple usually takes too long to create the adverts.

Since launching the iAd platform with 17 confirmed partners, only car maker Nissan and Unilever had first launched a full-scale iAd campaign.

Out of the remaining partners, only JC Penny, Citigroup and Walt Disney, have started their campaigns.