HP probe found Hurd Googled bird

HP executives, wondering what CEO Mark Hurd was getting up to with actress Jodie Fisher, had a snoop through the boss's Internet log and were horrified to find he'd been Googling her on the sly.

Fisher had filled roles in some 90s softcore films and also got her kit off for Playboy (you'll have to pay to view). It's not entirely clear what videos or pictures of Fisher Hurd found online. He could have seen her nipple.

According to a Wall Street Journal article people 'familiar' with the matter suggested the evidence probably had members of the high-powered board convinced Hurd could be bonking the blonde.

"The investigation found that Mr Hurd had looked at clips from racy films featuring Ms Fisher, a former actress," a nameless person said. But, "Someone familiar with Mr. Hurd's thinking said he just did a Google search of 10 minutes or so," the illustrious Journal intoned.

Hurd eventually had to resign over the mess he'd got himself in and confessed that his expense accounts were a bit confused over the matter of who he'd had dinner with on a few occasions. A sexual harassment claim brought by Fisher against Hurd was not found to be of much merit, according to HP's investigations, but hanging about with an actress with blonde hair and a track record of getting her kit off for money was enough smoke for the HP board to shout 'fire'.

Fisher's lawyer subsequently put out a statement to deny the actress had ever had sex with Hurd. Hurd is off counting the millions he trousered on the understanding he keep his mouth shut.

Mrs Hurd probably doesn't know what to think.