IBM Launches New Power7 Servers

IBM has released new systems based on its Power7, including a server capable of scaling up to 256 cores, for its Unix business.

The server, which is said to be the biggest Unix server ever released by the company, is aimed at organisations that make use of large-scale database applications.

The Power795 servers are designed to allow high-duty organisations to consolidate their Unix or Linux databases into one single server.

There are only a few organisations that require a server as large as the Power7, but IBM still expect the processor to be used for consolidation operations that will result in massive energy and space savings.

According to the company, the Power7 Unix server comes with 8TB in memory and 8 processor 'books', each containing four processors.

IBM has said that the new processors are compatible with servers based on Power6 as well, allowing customers to use the 'books' in a Power6 server without an upgrade.