India Orders Mobile Operators To Monitor BlackBerry

The Indian government has sent notices to mobile operators in the country, ordering them to install equipment required to monitor BlackBerry services on their networks by 31 August.

According to a letter provided to BBC News by Tata Teleservices, the government wants mobile network operators to "ensure that Legal Intervention (LI) capability is put in place".

The move will put more pressure on BlackBerry maker Research in Motion (RIM), which has so far refused to install software on its servers to allow Indian security agencies to monitor the exchange of messages on BlackBerry's messaging and e-mail service, to comply.

A spokesperson for Tata Teleservices confirmed that the company will abide by the laws set-up by the Indian government and will always do so in the future.

The Indian government fears that BlackBerry's encrypted messaging and e-mail services can be used by terrorist groups to formulate attacks on Indian soil.

The government has suggested that the attack in Mumbai, in which over 160 people lost their lives, was coordinated by just such services.