Intel To Suffer As Mobile Networks Shift To 4G

Intel, as one of the biggest supporters of WiMAX technology, is set to suffer as mobile equipment makers announce plans to shift to long term evolution (LTE) technology to offer 4G speeds to mobile customers.

According to The Financial Times, mobile network operators are planning to ditch the WiMAX standard for 4G technology.

This is set to be disappointing news for Intel, which has invested $1.2 billion in the development and support of WiMAX.

Mobile network operators around the world are planning to launch 4G LTE-based networks in place of WiMAX, including US based Sprint Nextel and Indian telecom giant Reliance Communications, which recently acquired the license to deploy a country wide 4G mobile broadband services.

Intel maintains that WiMAX is still being used by a number of mobile network operators and has pledged its continued support for teh standard.

Speaking to The Financial Times, Julie Coppernoll, Intel’s director of WiMax, said in a statement: “I think many service providers are still going to look at WiMax as the best technology and I think WiMax absolutely has a lifespan that’s going to continue.”