McAfee Warns Malware Threats At Record High

McAfee has said that it has registered record levels of new malware threats over the first half of 2010.

The security company said in its quarterly report that it had been indexing 55,000 new malware threats every day during the first half of 2010.

McAfee suggests that the increased threat of malware is due to the rise of technological progress.

The company's director of security, Greg Day, suggested that the rise in malware could also be due to development of sophisticated malware generation tools.

He said that an increase in malware allowed hackers to exploit individuals and enterprises in new ways.

In a statement, Day said: “Now [there] is what we call malware generation tools [which] let you create different kinds of threats, but they can do it in hundreds and thousands of different guises.”

McAfee advised users to apply ethical hacking techniques to check the strength of their network and applications and fix flaws before rogue hackers can exploit their vulnerabilities.