Meet The TPhone, Another iPod Touch Converter

One more peripheral allowing the humble iPod Touch to turn into a pseudo Apple iPhone has emerged, one which carries the sweet name of tPhone.

The tPhone looks like another competitor the Apple Peel 520; it is essentially a hard case that protects the iPod Touch PMP and adds phone functionality, a 1200mAh battery pack and a built-in mini USB port that can be used only for charging.

You will however need to jailbreak your iPod Touch in the first place to use it, install a proprietary dialling application for texting and calling and pay a not-so-insignificant $100 to get the tPhone, 50 per cent more than the Peel 520.

The recent surge in publicity (and interest) for those add-ons may potentially encourage others to bring better models out soon especially as not everyone can afford the latest iPhone.

Do you think that Apple should go after these companies who come up with unlicensed yet innovative products? Would you be confident enough to buy some of them for your personal use?