News@10: Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot, Apple Hires NFC Expert & Net Neutrality

Four US lawmakers have appealed to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to scrap the net neutrality plan proposed by Google and Verizon. The politicians have claimed that the two companies should not be able to decide how a US citizen can access the internet.

Google is the most visited site for online video with more than 143 million unique viewers in July, new research by web analytics firm comScore has revealed. Social networking giant Facebook saw the most growth in unique viewers during July, increasing to 46 million and moving it up from fourth position to third.

The Times website has traffic fall by 1.2 million visitors since parent company News Corp implemented a pay wall on the site. Previously, when the website's content was free to access, The Times attracted a dedicated following of 2.79 million users every month.

Apple has hired a new mobile commerce expert to help bring Near Field Communication (NFC) to iOS powered devices. The company has appointed Benjamin Vigier as the product manager of mobile commerce, indicating at the inclusion of NFC capabilities on its software ecosystem.

UK mobile services provider Vodafone has released a portable wireless hotspot, set to allow users to wirelessly connect up to 5 mobile devices to the internet. The Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi comes with the ability to simultaneously link to 5 mobile devices using the 3G or HSDPA networks wherever available.