News@5: Microsoft Kinect Set For 10 November Launch, Apple iTV & Virgin Media

Microsoft has announced 10 November as the UK launch date of its highly anticipated Kinect motion-sensing Xbox 360 gaming peripheral. The company has said that the next few months will be a critical time for Microsoft's gaming division.

Gene Munster, the unofficial Apple oracle from analyst firm Piper Jaffray, reckons that the soon to be released Apple iTV may well be the company's first step towards a full blown attack on the $35 billion television market.

Virgin Media has announced that it will be sending warning letters to customers whose computers have been infected with malware. The company said that it would send out warning letters using a list compiled by Shadowserver Foundation, which recently released a list of compromised IP addresses.

Former Apple supply manager Paul Devine has pleaded not guilty to charges of taking kickbacks from Asian hardware suppliers brought against him Apple and Federal authorities. Devine is facing 23 counts of wired fraud, conspiracy, money laundering and accepting kickbacks.

One more peripheral allowing the humble iPod Touch to turn into a pseudo Apple iPhone has emerged, one which carries the sweet name of tPhone. The tPhone looks like another competitor the Apple Peel 520; it is essentially a hard case that protects the iPod Touch PMP and adds phone functionality, a 1200mAh battery pack and a built-in mini USB port that can be used only for charging.