Pink Floyd tracks disappear from iTunes

Music made by drug-addled rockers, Pink Floyd has been disappeared from Apple's over-rated iTunes music store in a kerfuffle over licensing.

A lot of the old stuff is still there as the band flogged their output up until Dark Side of the Moon to EMI.

But the stuff since then, including the blinding Wish You Were Here, Animals, The Wall and the ropier The Final Cut have been downed from the music download site.

Pink Floyd's contract will EMI expired on 30 June this year and now negotiators are having a cigar and pondering what to do next.

The band indulged in a legal spat with EMI earlier this year, as they were miffed that albums constructed elaborately as a complete work to be enjoyed in their entirety were chopped up and flogged track-by-track online.

None of the members of the band is thought to be skint, despite some dodgy business deals in the past.

Other than Syd, that is, and he's brown bread.