Rumour: ATI brand faces the chop

The familiar red square and friendly curved lettering of the ATI logo could soon be axed, according to the latest word on the tech grapevine.

The news comes from the graphics tech heads over at German tech site ATI-Forum, who claim to have spoken to anonymous sources close with the situation in China.

According to the sources, the launch of AMD's first Fusion CPUs with integrated GPUs will see the demolition of the ATI brand, as AMD's graphics and CPU technologies will simply be united under one flag.

The site also points out that a "single-brand strategy" would make sense under these circumstances, cutting down on the marketing costs for two separate brands.

AMD refused to comment on the future of the ATI logo, telling THINQ it "does not comment on rumour or speculation." That's a shame, because it would have been easy to deny it if the story was indeed cobblers.

The ATI brand was first rumoured to be up for the chop when AMD first bought the Canadian graphics company in 2006. Rather than giving the new company a joint name, such as Activision-Blizzard, the company instead chose to stick with AMD as the overall company name, but continue using the ATI brand on its graphics products.

However, the AMD brand has been popping up all over the gaming and graphics space recently. ATI-Forum points out that the company's new Vision logos feature the AMD logo, rather than the ATI logo. Similarly, the Gaming Evolved logo also features an AMD emblem at the bottom, without even a hint of an ATI logo in sight.

Either way, we shouldn't have long to wait to find out the truth about this rumour. The word is that AMD's first Fusion chips are lined up for release by the beginning of next year at the latest, and we'll then know whether AMD is indeed adopting a single-brand approach to coincide with the merging of the two technologies.