Samsung Epic 4G To Launch On August 31st

The Samsung Epic 4G will launch on Sprint Nextel in the US on the 31st of August and will be the first model from the Korean Chaebol to include 4G capabilities.

The handset costs $250 after rebate and is already available on preorder from the mobile phone operator with a 24-months agreement.

The phone, which is part of the Galaxy S series, comes with a slideout QWERTY keyboard and is the only Android phone from Samsung to have one.

The Epic 4G also has a front-facing camera and four touch sensitive buttons. It comes with Android 2.1 and will feature full Flash compatibility.

Some have already pointed out that the phone costs more than the iPhone 4 from AT&T and $50 more than the EVO 4G which many consider to be a superior smartphone and comes with Android 2.2.

The Epic 4G is also significantly thicker than most Android handsets due to the presence of a physical keyboard but has a Super AMOLED screen which is superior to most display technologies on the market.

Seth Weintraub from CNN however says that its hardware is the best he's used although the software needs some upgrading. He reckons that it will be a great update for Blackberry users who yearn for better hardware but still want to use a keyboard.