Symantec Warns Cyber Attacks Beat Traditional Security Solutions

Symantec has said that the IT industry needs to increase security beyond the use of traditional anti-virus software.

The security firm said that as cyber criminals are applying new methods of exploiting consumers and enterprises, traditional anti-virus software is no longer gives sufficient protection.

Symantec explained that cyber criminals continued to use popular social networking platforms and instant messaging clients to spread malware worldwide.

The security firm predicts an increase in malicious activities on social media platforms as they grow in popularity.

Symantec said that employees who access social media platforms at work make the organisation vulnerable to such attacks and that companies needed to fortify their security in order to steer clear of attacks of malicious nature, which not only lead to financial losses but also loss of important data.

Speaking to the Hindustan Times, Symantec Vice President for India, Shantanu Ghosh, said: “Social engineering is already one of the primary attack vectors being used today and Symantec estimates that the number of attempted attacks using social engineering techniques is sure to increase in 2010.”