The Times Website Visits Down 1.2 Million

The Times website has traffic fall by 1.2 million visitors since parent company News Corp implemented a pay wall on the site.

Previously, when the website's content was free to access, The Times attracted a dedicated following of 2.79 million users every month.

Now, according to recent data released by web analytics firm comScore, the readership has fallen to 1.61 million in July, down 27 per cent from 2.2 million in June.

comScore reveals that the average time spent on the website by a user was 7.6 minutes in May, but has now reduced to 5.8 minutes in June and that overall pageviews has fallen from 20 million in June to nine million in July.

When Rupert Murdoch, the owner of News Corp, had first introduced the pay wall in May, he said that, although he expected a significant drop in visits to the site, he was optimistic about its implementation and that many people had registered to subscribe to the site.