Verizon Tests 1Gbps FiOS Broadband Connection

US broadband and mobile services provider Verizon Communications has successfully tested its 1Gbps FiOS broadband connection.

The company said that it had tested the service with an existing FiOS customer in Taunton on a local server and a remote server located 400 miles away.

Verizon found that the download speed for the local server was 925Mbps while the remote server registered 800Mbps.

Vincent O'Byrne, director of Verizon's technology organisation, who oversaw the trial, said in a statement: “This trial demonstrated that the current architecture has sufficient headroom to allow for a progressive increase in capacity as needed by our residential and business customers on our current GPON platform,”

The company has said that it has no plans to launch the service in the near future.

It currently offers a maximum speed of 50 Mbps to customers, and plans to son roll out a 100 Mbps connection.

Verizon claims that there is currently no demand for such a high speed connection in the market.