Virgin Media To Warn Customers Of Malware Infections

Virgin Media has announced that it will be sending warning letters to customers whose computers have been infected with malware.

The company said that it would send out warning letters using a list compiled by Shadowserver Foundation, which recently released a list of compromised IP addresses.

Virgin Media will compare the IP addresses with those of its customers and send out the letters accordingly.

The company also said that customers whose systems are part of a botnet network will be advised to download free anti-virus tools for eradicating the malware from their system.

Initially, the company will send out a few hundred letters each week, and will expand the practice based customer feedback.

The anti-malware campaign launched by Virgin Media will also allow it to promote its Digital Home Support service which offers remote PC assistance to "those who need a little bit more help".

In a statement to PC Pro, a Virgin Media spokesperson said: “The letters are on headed paper, so they are obviously from us and they are the first step in the process and we'll be looking at email too.”