Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi, Good But Not Great

Vodafone announced yesterday the availability of three new mobile Mi-Fi packages with a starting price of £15 per month for the 3GB one, on an 18 month contract and a £49 initial outlay.

The two other packages on offer are a £20 4GB one with a £29 outlay and a £25 per month with 5GB inclusive data per month. The TCOs on all three packages are £319, £389 & £450 for 45GB, 72GB and 90GB respectively.

The only other mobile network operator to offer Mi-Fi is 3 UK. Its 5GB offer costs only £306 which is cheaper than the 3GB offer from Vodafone and a whopping £144 cheaper than the 5GB package. Not surprisingly, 3 UK offers an even better package, a 15GB one for as little ass £22 per month, or a TCO of £396.

In other words, 3 UK offers three times the data quota for £54 less than Vodafone. Granted the wireless hotspot from Vodafone is way sexier than the one from 3 UK and the latter's coverage is said to be patchy in some places, still the amount of savings to be made is nothing to be sniffed at.

3 UK currently dominates the sector being the first one to introduce MiFi in the UK. It will be interesting to see whether others like O2 or Orange take up the challenge and launch their own MiFi products.