Wikileaks "Will Not Be Threatened By The Pentagon"

Wikileaks has said it will not be intimidated into not releasing further controversial documents in the future.

"This organisation will not be threatened by the Pentagon or any other group," Wikileaks spokesman Julian Assange told reporters in Stockholm. "We proceed cautiously and safely with this material."

Assange said that the organisation will systematically release around 15,000 secret war documents in the coming months, despite efforts by Pentagon and other US organisations to shut-down the controversial website.

According to The Register, the remaining 15,000 documents are a part of the 92,000 secret military documents that were given to Wikileaks by US Army intelligence specialist Bradley Manning, who has since been charged with leaking secret US documents.

Previously Wikileaks had been slammed by the US government for releasing documents containing the names of informants that were in danger of being harmed for helping US forces.

In response, Assange has said that, in the future, names will be removed from the documents to protect those in danger.