Zavvi Drops Microsoft Kinect Price To £114.85

Microsoft announced that the Kinect would go on sale on the 10th of November earlier today and already prices of the Xbox 360 motion controller have started to fall down significantly.

While Game, HMV and Amazon are selling the peripheral for £130, is selling the Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures for a mere £114.85 after entering the discount voucher ZAVVIFIVE at checkout; otherwise, the Kinect can be had for preorder at The Hut for £120.

The Kinect currently ranks on 57th on Amazon's best selling list; it topped the retailer's best selling PC & Video games (which includes both hardware and games) for the past 48 hours in July 2010.

Interestingly both the Nintendo Wii Motion Plus accessory, the Wii Fit Plus with Balance board are ahead of the Kinect having spent more than one year in the chart while the Sony Playstation Move - which launches next month - is currently ranked 67th.