£25 Per Month Samsung i9000 Galaxy S 600m 500t Internet

The Samsung Galaxy i9000 S is an utterly brilliant device that places Samsung right back at the cutting edge of smartphone technology. With its 9.9mm slimline body and huge, 4 inch ultra-bright, super-sharp screen it feels like you are holding the future in your hands. Samsung's Super AMOLED technology means that video playback is like nothing you have seen on a mobile device.

Samsung have packed the Galaxy S with power (its 1Ghz processor being the fastest currently available on the market) which is more than enough to run the Android 2.1 operating system - and the thousands of apps that are available for it - with ease and speed.

Swype is a brilliant new way to enter text on a touchscreen mobile phone. Rather than tapping on individual letters, you place your finger on the first letter then drag your finger across the on screen keyboard, passing over the letters in the word you want to type. Swype automatically works out which word you want and displays it on screen! This technology really works and is a fine example of the effort and attention to detail that Samsung have put in to the i9000 Galaxy S.

Find your way with full turn-by-turn navigation from Google Maps; try the amazing Layar augmented reality application; take great pictures with the 5MP camera; and enjoy social networking and the internet with super-fast upload and download speeds. Make no mistake, the Samsung Galaxy S is an absolute powerhouse with all the latest, greatest features you want and expect from a top-of-the range, premium smartphone.

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