Pirate Party signs deal to host WikiLeaks

Popping his head above the parapet recently, Wikileaks chief pain in the posterior Julian Assange signed a deal with the Swedish Pirate Party for it to host several new servers on behalf of the whistle-blowing outfit.

The Party is running in the Swedish national elections next month and has already promised to host torrent site the Pirate Bay inside the parliament building should it get enough votes. WikiLeaks could also benefit from such a move which would see the servers protected by parliamentary privilege.

The Party made the offer to host WikiLeaks servers back in July.

In a statement, Rick Falkvinge, leader of the Pirate Party said: “The contribution of WikiLeaks is tremendously important to the entire world. We desire to contribute to any effort that increases transparency and accountability of power in the world.”

He added: “We don’t just talk. We act. Using our own resources and time, we help change the world rather than pass the buck, commission reports, and avoid responsibility like other politicians.”

Assange responded on behalf of WikiLeaks, saying the organisations share many values.

"I am looking forward to future ways we can help each other improve the world,” he said. "Western democracies are not always as free as one might think, and freedom of the press needs constant vigilance."

Pressure is mounting on Assange as the US military establishment squirms at the thought of the estimated 15,000 documents WikiLeaks is preparing to publish which are likely to expose more horrors perpetrated as part of US oil wars in the middle east.

WikiLeaks has been asked not to publish the documents on the pretext that they may finger Afghan collaborators. More worrying to the military, however, is that its abuses are documented for all to see.

WikiLeaks is rifling through the files in an effort to protect the innocent. Assange recently said the documents should be ready to post in around a month.