Adobe Tightens Ties With Google For Android

Google and Adobe have partnered to make Google's Android operating system a long term market leader.

Technology news website Cnet reports that, in a presentation to media representatives, executives at Adobe elaborated on how the company is making efforts to offer the best technology there is to make Google's Android OS a success.

Adobe's rift with Apple resulted in the recent partnership with search giant Google in May this year.

A team of Adobe developers worked at the Mountain View, California offices to develop its Flash Player 10.1, keeping in mind the Android platform.

Android-based phones integrated with Adobe's components promise to be different and better than Apple’s iPhones, the company has said, insisting to its customers that their phones can access and play videos and games that Apple's iPhone and iPad just can't.

According to Adobe executives, the company is working full time to make its Flash Player technology available on Research In Motion’s BlackBerry, Hewlett-Packard's WebOS and Microsoft's forthcoming Windows Phone 7 as well.