Android Tipped For Further Market Share Growth

Google Android-based devices are likely to see the biggest growth in the smartphone market, new research has revealed.

The study, revealed by online research company DigiTimes, showed that smartphone shipments in 2010 are expected to grow to 280 million units - almost a 57 per cent increase from last years' figures.

“Smartphones based on the Android operating system (OS) will see the strongest growth, particularly with Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, expected to devote more resources to the development and marketing of Android-enabled devices in the second half,” said Willie Teng of DigiTimes in the report.

According to the figures, Android-run smartphones have seen an increase, up from 5 per cent last year, to 13.8 per cent today. The figure is expected to increase to 24.5 per cent by the end of the year.

DigiTimes estimates that, this year alone, 55 million Android-based smartphones have been sold.

The research has predicted that Apple’s iOS-based mobile devices will see a rise of 15.2 per cent, placing it just behind RIM’s BlackBerry at 16.4 per cent, and in front of the yet-to-be released Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 by the year's end.