Apple Granted Patent For iOS Slide-To-Unlock

Apple has been granted the patents for its 'slide-to-unlock' feature in iOS and for the keyboard effect of letters getting larger as users type.

The two features have been present on the iPhone since the original device was first launched in 2007.

The company had applied for patents related to iOS almost three years ago. A number of iOS features, such as the slide-to-unlock and letters increasing in size whilst typing, have shown up on rival platforms, including Google Android-based devices.

Tech news site The Next Web reports that the patents, D621,848 and D621,849 are design patents.

Unofficial Apple web blog Tuaw reports that, as many other smartphone makers have used the same design elements for their own devices, the granting of the patents will mean that Apple can now seek licensing fees from any company seeking to use, or currently using the same, or similar, features on their smartphones.